Welcome to UUCOB!

We invite you to join us in the celebration of life and the search for its meaning.


Our members form a diverse group with various religious backgrounds.

We, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks, extend a warm welcome to you.

  • Have you felt a need for a spiritual community that values your whole life, welcoming you as you are and recognizing that every life has extraordinary possibilities?
  • Have you ever wished for a religious community that finds inspiration in all the world’s religious traditions, in nature’s beauty, in poetry, stories, music, and art, and in the discoveries of science?
  • Have you wondered if faith and love could guide spiritual and religious people to work for equity and justice, for peace and freedom, for equal rights for all people in this world, in this lifetime?
  • Have you wanted to be part of a community of love who celebrate each other’s joys, who comfort and support each other in times of trouble, who strengthen and encourage each other for the work of making a better world, and who welcome and celebrate each other’s quest for truth and meaning?

For over 30 years the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks has been building just such a spiritual community.  We would love to share it with you.  We hope you’ll enjoy exploring this website and our Facebook page, but most of all we would be glad to welcome you to a Sunday service at our Meetinghouse on Kitty Hawk Road.  Come as you are!

Weekly Announcements from June 21

Rev. David’s Quote of the Week

Fright, my young friend, may be the first serious enemy you have to face in our society. It’s the most destructive emotional bogeyman there is. Cold feet, panic, depression, and violence are all symptoms of fear—when it’s out of control. But this feeling, ironically, can also trigger courage, alertness, objectivity. You must learn not to try to rid yourself of this basic, human emotion but to manipulate it for your own advantage. You cannot surrender to fear, but you can use it as a kind of fuel. Once you learn to control fear—to make it work for you—it will become one of your best friends.(Jose Torres, 1936 – 2009)

Have you ever felt a fear that “became one of your best friends?” What have you learned from facing fear in your life?


Sunday Service – June 24 at 9:50  

“Embracing our Wider Community” 

Join us this Sunday for the largest annual gathering of UUs worshipping together!  We will live stream the UU General Assembly service from Kansas City, MO. 

The service will take place from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. our time, so we will gather a little earlier than usual. We will have coffee and a light breakfast available starting at 9:30am: please plan to arrive no later than 9:50 a.m., so we can begin promptly at 10:00.  We will light our chalice and sing the hymns along with those gathered in Kansas City.  Please join us for this unique opportunity to worship with so many other UUs from around the country! 

Minister at General Assembly

Rev. David Morris will be in Kansas City, MO attending Ministry Days and the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association from June 18th through 25th, with travel days before and after. He will be able to communicate electronically sporadically during that time. For congregational emergencies please contact Board President Jennifer Gilbreath; for pastoral emergencies please contact a member of the Pastoral Care Team: Joan Liston, Gwen Taylor, Sara Zimmerman, and Barb Goulet. All will be able to reach Rev. David if necessary. Live-streaming of this event is available at https://www.uua.org/ga/off-site/2018 

Additional Notes: 

NOTE: Rev. David will be attending the latter part of this event…

The Outer Banks Presbyterian Church in Kill Devil Hills, NC will host a one day prayer vigil for the children and families who are suffering separation at the US-Mexico border, and for our nation’s leaders.

 Recognizing the evil of the US Government’s family separation policy, the leaders of the Outer Banks Presbyterian Church have called for a prayer vigil on behalf of children and parents separated at our border.They asked us to share the announcement below. 

The 12-hour “Prayers for Children and Families Vigil” will take place on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, from 9 am – 9 pm. Members of the church will be on hand throughout the day to greet other members and visitors who wish to participate in the vigil. The Outer Banks Presbyterian Church is located at 907 S. Croatan Hwy (MP 8.5), Kill Devil Hills, NC. For more information, please call the office at 252-441-5897. 


  • Please check the UUCOB online calendar for any additional announcements and future events