Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks

To All Members and Friends of UUCOB:
We, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks, extend a warm welcome
to you. We invite you to join us in the celebration of life and the search for its meaning. Our members form a diverse group with various religious backgrounds.

  • Have you felt a need for a spiritual community that values your whole life, welcoming you as you are and recognizing that every life has extraordinary possibilities?
  • Have you ever wished for a religious community that finds inspiration in all the world’s religious traditions, in nature’s beauty, in poetry, stories, music, and art, and in the discoveries of science?
  • Have you wondered if faith and love could guide spiritual and religious people to work for equity and justice, for peace and freedom, for equal rights for all people in this world, in this lifetime?
  • Have you wanted to be part of a community of love who celebrate each other’s joys, who comfort and support each other in times of trouble, who strengthen and encourage each other for the work of making a better world, and who welcome and celebrate each other’s quest for truth and meaning?

For over 30 years the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks has been building just such a spiritual community.  We would love to share it with you.  We hope you’ll enjoy exploring this website and our Facebook page, but most of all we would be glad to welcome you to a Sunday service at our Meetinghouse on Kitty Hawk Road.  Come as you are!

Weekly Announcements from January 17, 2019

SUNDAY SERVICE – January 20, 10:30 AM
Rev. David Morris
“The Tracks of Our Tears” As the work of dismantling racism and white supremacy, led by Dr. King and so many others goes on, some analysts have begun to speak about “White Fragility” as an obstacle. What is meant by this, and how might it be addressed?

We were saddened to learn that poet Mary Oliver, writer of many words beloved to UU’s and others, died today, January 17, 2019, at the age of 83. This excerpt from her poem “In Blackwater Woods” appears in our hymnal:

“To live in this world, you must be able to do three things:
To love what is mortal,
To hold it against your bones, knowing your own life depends on it,
And when the time comes to let it go, to let it go.”

When have you known a moment of awful finality in your own life? Where did you turn for solace and comfort?  How have you practiced the twin spiritual disciplines of loving and releasing?

A Note from the Committee on Ministry
The Committee on Ministry would like to extend its thanks to everyone who participated in the ministerial evaluation process. In the best outcomes from a review process like this, both the minister and the congregation could derive some greater sense of our strengths and weaknesses as we grow into a more powerful community of Unitarians. Many thanks from Lola Davis-Jones, Kent Zimmerman, and Nellie Dixon

Forward Together!
On Saturday, February 9th, join Unitarian Universalists from all across North Carolina, together with 100,000 women, men, and children of all races, classes, political affiliations, gender identities, sexual orientations, faiths, and ages as we march together for the 13th annual Historic Thousands on Jones Street Moral March and Peoples Assembly in Raleigh, calling on state lawmakers in North Carolina to protect voting rights, expand health care, support public education, respect womens’ rights, prevent gun violence, protect the environment, and care for immigrants, the poor, people with disabilities, and senior citizens.

Rev. David will attend, assembling at 9 AM with other UUs. Let’s have a caravan, or at least a carload of UUs and friends from the Outer Banks!  Contact Rev. David to make plans. Here’s a link to more information: Jones Street Moral March

Movie Night Change!  Our February 23rd Cultural Crossroads Movie Night film has changed.  Instead of the horror movie “Get Out,” we’ll share “Sorry to Bother You”. For more information: UUCOB Events