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Art at the Meetinghouse

August Art Show:      Naomi Michelle

Naomi’s current show includes both wall art and sculpture and will open on August 4 after the Sunday service.  Presently, Naomi is working on an installation project titled “Mother May I”. She will be asking for your help on input for this study if you wish to participate.  It is the next step in her journey as an artist.

Naomi Michelle was born in RI and grew up in North Eastern North Carolina. Her journey into art started at a very young age with taking pictures on family trips with a 110 (one ten) camera.  She has now received an Associates in Fine Arts at College of the Albemarle.  She plans to continue with a business degree from COA then transfer to a university to pursue a degree in fine arts.

Naomi Michelle is a multiple medium artist. Preferring to be surrounded by nature, her work often takes on aspects that mimic if not fully represent its influence. For Naomi, art has become a way to express abstract ideas and social issues.  She works in a variety of mediums ad across disciplines and sometimes works with discarded materials that would waste in a landfill.

Naomi says, “I am constantly exploring traditional and non-traditional materials. I have found that there are very few mediums that I do not like to work with. It is the deconstruction and reconstruction of materials and social issues that inspires my work. I hope to cause an emotional response that will encourage people to think and discuss different issues.”