Art at the Meetinghouse

Winston Culpepper Art Show
April 14 through May 31

Winston Culpepper sees art in common everyday places that others wouldn’t even notice. Culpepper went to college as a pre-dental student but he wasn’t suited to that and he found he had an aptitude for art.  After a stint in the Navy, he went to Fine Art graduate school in Baltimore, then moved to New Mexico. During this time he was renowned for his ability to paint eggs (a la Faberge.)


After Culpepper’s father died, he moved to his father’s home and studio on the Outer Banks, where he making a living painting houses and murals.  Culpepper continued to painting in the studio and frequently would gather artifacts from the sea and then paint what he has seen along the shore. Culpepper will paint on fences or whatever is around, but the pieces in this show will be acrylic on canvas. Some of his art, particularly on old sand fencing, can be found at the Sea Green Gallery.