Programs and Groups

CONCORD DIGITAL CAMERAThe Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks is home to many diverse groups that meet on a regular or ongoing basis. One of the best ways to do get know people and become connected to our community is through groups and programs. This includes ‘New to Unitarian Universalism’ classes, monthly potluck suppers, church committee work, outreach programs, and spiritual practice groups like OBCUUPS.

UUCOB Women’s Journey Group

This monthly group of about 8 women share deeply on a different topic each meeting. To focus our group we are using the book, “Heart to Heart: Fourteen Gatherings for Reflection and Sharing” by Rev. Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins, both from the UU Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This book guides small groups through readings, journaling, reflection, and thought-provoking exercises on topics ranging from gratitude, balance, forgiveness, loss and grief to nature and friendship.

We share leadership each month at the UUCOB Meetinghouse.  Any women desiring a supportive listening group contact Joan Liston 255-0252 or .