May 2017 Newsletter

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May 7 – Best Intentions: A UU White Supremacy Teach In – Reverend David Morris
A recent upheaval at the national level has revealed that our Unitarian Universalist Association, which has actively been in solidarity with movements to end racial oppression in our nation and world for almost two centuries, has somehow been unable to overcome persistent racial inequality in our own power structures and communities. At the call of Unitarian Universalist leaders of color, this Sunday we join over 600 of our sibling congregations nationwide to begin an exploration of white supremacy that looks close to home, not just t deliberately oppressive organizations. What has the word “supremacy” come to mean today? How have we arrived where we are–and what is our best hope for living more fully into our own vision of an undivided human family?

May 14 – Loving the Hell Out of the World
Rev. Andrew Millard, UU Fellowship of the Peninsula
The early Universalists rejected the Christian idea of Hell as an ultimate destination for human souls. Today, we understand the Universalist side of our tradition as proclaiming a shared destiny for all humanity. Of course, the manifestations of such a message are universal, from (Unitarian) Julia Ward Howe’s “Mother’s Day Proclamation” to the women of Northern Ireland who set aside their differences to work for peace. Rev. Andrew Clive Millard has served as minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in
Newport News VA since 2010. Born in England, he came to the United States to be a physicist and then found religion by way of environmentalism. Andrew lives in Yorktown VA with Allison and their four-going-on-fourteen year old daughter, Olivia. He looks forward to returning to UUCOB for his first pulpit swap with Rev. David.

May 21 – Early Days of UUCOB – Reverend David Morris
Drawing on thoughts and memories of different “generations” of members, we look across thirty years of Unitarian Universalism on the Outer Banks. The service will be followed by a potluck picnic on the grounds; the Board will provide fried chicken and a vegan alternative entrée, and all are invited to bring a dish to pass. We will dance and weave our UUCOB Maypole before lunch!

May 28 – Knowledge, Opinion, and Faith at the UUCOB – Dennis Tromba et al
A both light hearted and deadly serious examination of the cognitive dynamics through which our mutual association at the UUCOB is made manifest. The thesis of the presentation is that one or two good questions are worth more than a bucket load of easy answers.

Women’s Journey Group – May 10, 10:30 a.m.
Facilitator: Joan Liston
Topic: Happiness

Shavings From the Board
(Notes from the April 13 Board Meeting)
– 69% of budgeted amount has already been pledged
– The Congregational meeting will be June 11, 2017
– Rev. Morris is planning to offer monthly meetings for the entire OBX community entitled Sustaining Our Souls
– Thanks to all who accepted the nominating committee requests for UUCOB Board service: Jennifer Gilbreath as president; Merry Mendelson as secretary; Christopher Nave as membership chair; Joe Heard as a member of the 2018 nominating committee; and Kent Zimmeman as a member of the audit committee.

Pledge Drive Update
UUCOB, under the leadership of Finance Chair Sherrie Lemnios, and Treasurer Sandy Anderson, has very successfully ended our 2017-2018 pledge drive. We have a total of 62 pledging members and friends. We thank all of our loyal members and friends for their financial support to enable UUCOB to be a strong and viable spiritual congregation and presence in our community. Respectfully submitted by Sandy Anderson

Heal the World Study Group
Thursday, May 18, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
This drop-in group meets in the meetinghouse the first and third Thursday of each month and is open to all those interested in the work of building a more just world and to join an ongoing exploration of recent books that open powerful new ways of seeing the systems and structures that perpetuate inequality.

Amazon Smile Fundraising
Here’s an easy way to raise money for our congregation when you do your regular shopping on  Now when you shop at you can go to and .5% of your purchase will be donated to UUCOB. After you put this link in your browser the first time, you can just type in your browser for future shopping and it will take you to Amazon and automatically send us .5% of your purchase.

UUA General Assembly Delegates
UUCOB is entitled to two delegates in addition to Rev. David Morris at our 2017 Justice General Assembly in New Orleans, June 21-25. Are you planning to attend, or would you like to register to attend off-site, participating online in many GA events? If so, and if you’d like to represent us as a delegate, please let a Board member know so that we can name delegates for what will very likely be a historic gathering for our Association. Off-site delegates can vote and participate in all the business of the Association that takes place at GA. The cost of off-site registration is $165. More information is available.

Congregational Meeting – June 11
Save the Date! Annual Congregational Meeting will be following the service on Sunday, June 11.

May Share-the-Plate – Room in the Inn
The Room in the Inn” program offers meals and lodging for homeless persons in the Outer Banks.