A Self-Governing Congregation

Ours is an independent, self-governing congregation affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association. Our bylaws authorize a Board of Directors to manage the affairs and property of the congregation.

The President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and other members of the Board are elected by the congregation at an annual meeting held in May or June, to serve for two years beginning July 1.

Monthly business meetings are open to all members and friends.

Board Committees include:

  • Finance Committee
  • Buildings and Grounds Committee
  • Religious Education Committee
  • Programs Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Communications & Social Action Committee

Congregational Committees include:

  • Nominations Committee
  • Audit Committee

If you would like to become involved in the operations of the UUCOB, please contact either our Board of Directors or Congregation Committee Chairs. All will be happy to discuss current needs and opportunities.

Board of Directors

The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM PM at the Meeting House. All are welcome to attend. If you have an item to add to the agenda, please contact the president prior to the meeting.

The following people serve on the 2014/2015 UUCOB Board of Directors:


President Joe Heard
h: 473-5115 c: 305-0409 w: 261-3552 e: jandcheard@aol.com
Vice-President Bryan Jones
c: 202-6684 e: seagrace@juno.com
Secretary Sara Zimmerman
h: 715-2296 c: (540) 290-1942 e: saraz20@aol.com
Treasurer Sandy Anderson
h: 480-0525 c: (203)417-9140 e: chin.chin@charter.net


Building & Grounds Co-Chair Kent Zimmerman
h: 715-2296 c: (540) 290-1943 e: zimmerdk@jmu.edu
Building & Grounds Co-Chair Dick Liston
h: 255-0252 e: jodiliston@charter.net
Communications Kathy McMahan
h: 473-5860 c: 202-4736 e: kathy.mcmahan@embarqmail.com
Finance Sherrie Lemnois
h: 261-4648 c: 202-9894 e: walkwithlight@embarqmail.com
Membership Ellen Berg
h: 261-7842 c: 722-2078 e: eberg@outerbankswaterfowl.com
Programs Lola Davis Jones
c: 202-9756 e: loladj@juno.com


Rev. David Morris
c: (925) 914-7353 w: 261-2801 e: email

Congregation Committees

Congregation committees are elected by and directly responsible to the congregation at large. Please feel free to contact our current committee chairs for additional information on what responsibilities are associated with each committee.


Nominations Co-Chair Joan Liston
255-0252 ~ jodiliston@charter.net
Nominations Co-Chair Mary Ellen Hawthorne
480-1062 ~ ghaw@charter.net
Audit Peggy Birkemeier
261-3386 ~ wabirk@charter.net