From the Board

Update – December 16, 2021

A Year-End Note to the Congregation from

David Mohler, President—Board of Trustees

At our most recent board meeting on Thursday December 9th, we dedicated a portion of out time to assess how things are going and what things warrant more attention.  We recognized the things that have been accomplished since the annual meeting last June, including:

  • Turnover in leadership
  • Movement into a new, simplified structure
  • Implementation and continued improvement of Zoom services that enable us to include a larger portion of our congregation in worship than would otherwise be possible
  • Implementation of financial review and a reimbursement policy that enhance our ability to discharge our fiduciary responsibilities
  • Renewal of our leases with our tenants and our insurance policies (partially still in progress)
  • Improvements to our buildings and grounds including a new roof and windows in our
    Religious EducationRE building

We also noted areas warranting attention, including:

  • Education/communication of our finances
  • Continuing implementation of our new, reduced structure
  • Enlistment of volunteers for leadership and for accomplishing the work of the congregation
  • Continued work on our buildings and grounds
  • In addition to this conversation, we discussed the role of the board.  This conversation began during our board retreat last summer.  Some of the things discussed regarding the role of the board included:
    • Governance
    • Policy
    • Fiduciary oversight
    • Long-term planning

Finally, we noted a need to step back, refocus our agenda, and prioritize where we spend our limited time and resources.  One of us astutely noted that we all wear many hats and struggle to balance the pull of legacy tendencies with the need to move forward.

The role of the congregation in all this is to provide feedback, step up, engage, and to be patient.